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So, it was crunch time. After months of fighting, and finally getting the allergy testing done that Callum desperately needed, we now faced a new monumental challenge! I thought it was going to be so easy once his allergies were confirmed. I'd know what to keep him away from, and still be able to feed him with no problem, and finally have the chance to try and get his eczema under control. How very wrong I was!

Straight after receiving the allergy results, I remember hitting my first real challenge as it was time to give 'el snottio' some lunch (and nervous energy had made me quite hungry by that point too!). Normally this wouldn't have caused any problems, but now, knowing I had to eliminate a multitude of food types, what on earth was I going to do?!

After months of battling, and endless suffering on Callum's part, we finally had answers, and they made a lot of sense based on his reactions.....

In the run up to allergy testing day, or 'd' day as we called it, there was an ever increasing level of concern. We were asked to stop giving Callum his antihistamine medicine a minimum of 48hrs before the allergy testing was due to take place. The problem with this, it helps Callum get through his day with a lot less discomfort, and would mean virtually no sleep for the 2 nights beforehand. Scary when you consider that sleep time is the only true relief for our little 'el snottio'.

When Callum gets a simple cold or virus, he isn't like the rest of us, and able to take it in his stride. Sadly, it literally knocks him for 6, and makes him very very ill and very fast, scarily fast in fact.

Whilst the battle continued (and continues to this day) with the ever more resilient eczema, an increasingly frustrating battle was also raging on. From the first time Callum was admitted to A&E and saw the consultant dermatologist, and at every weekly clinic appointment and all the GP appointments in between, I made increasingly louder noises about allergy testing. It fell on totally deaf ears!

So after the emergency dash to A&E, and subsequent half a pharmacy worth of drugs, ointments, creams, gels and so on, you would forgive us for thinking that would be it, no more trouble, no more suffering, and the journey ending there. Hahaha yeah right!

The sheer volume of cream required to keep Callum comfortable in the early days of treatment meant that huge pumps of cream were in constant supply. Our daughter very quickly named it 'operation slick' which stuck with the whole family, and described perfectly the situation we were all in.

In the beginning, Callum was what people termed 'the perfect baby', he breastfed well, was very calm, happy, loved being cuddled by everyone, and started sleeping through the night (10.30pm-7.30am) at just over 6 weeks.

The first round of baby immunisations loomed at 8 weeks, and he seemed to take them in his stride, was grizzly for a couple of days, but then got back to his usual adorable self.

I guess it is important to take you through our journey, to fully understand the ups and downs/ highs and lows and the reason why we fight so hard for our little boy, who we affectionately call 'el snottio'.

My partner and I have a beautiful daughter, Chloe, who is beyond fantastic, a clever, thoughtful, understanding and considerate little soul, and always known as 'our little ray of sunshine'. Having been blessed with such a great little human being, we wanted to have a sibling to share her journey of childhood with....and that's when the 'fun' started.

Almost 1.5yrs of trying, and no joy, nada, nothing! Then came the most wonderful morning when a pregnancy test (of which many had been negative) came back as positive! The excitement was immense, but short-lived when we miscarried no more than 3 weeks later.

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