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Why is it so hard to feed your child in hospital when allergies are involved? It’s a question many of you ask on a daily basis!

For anyone who follows a free from lifestyle due to allergies, or simply just because, then the Allergy Show taking place this weekend at London Olympia is THE event for you!

Is lazy journalism when reporting on serious medical topics acceptable, or should we be calling them out?

Trying to eat out with allergies can be difficult to navigate. How many of these obstacles have you experienced or overcome?

Allergies and bingo - how many of these can you relate to, or tick off?! 

In honour of Allergy Awareness Week 2018, we're sharing our top 14 things you'll only understand if you're dealing with allergies as an allergy parent! 

With Easter just weeks away, we're sharing our top tips on alternative Easter treats that everyone can enjoy! 

Why are the Free From Food Awards so important and what do they mean for you?! 

Peter Rabbit and the controversy over allergies - has a hornets nest been whipped up unncessarily?

Are allergies a fad? Or should restaurants be taking them more seriously? It’s a question that is being asked repeatedly in the media, and never more so than at the moment.

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