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Sometimes treats are the only answer, and these incredible marshmallows are perfect for those with allergies, or who follow a vegan diet!

Chocolate, or rather, chocolate truffles, teamed with a cup of coffee! Sounds heavenly doesn't it!

A staple in diets the world over, milk has long been a key part of daily lives. Used in recipes, poured over cereal, stirred into tea and coffee, it’s a fixture in millions of kitchens.

Love fine food? Wondered what truffle salt tastes like? What about fine chocolate, coffee, and gin? How would you like to get your hands on some?

If you love coffee, and are looking for an advent calendar with a difference, this one is for you!

I have 3 words for you…… Mocha Overnight Oats!!

Ah coffee, how I love thee! With the school routine and early morning returning, coffee is the perfect drink and in fact boost, every morning!

Give mundane breakfasts the boot, and try out this simple and easy gluten-free Oaty Waffles alternative instead!

Oh my goodness, we’ve only gone and won an award, and 'Allergy Blog of the Year' at that!!

Affordable, easy to use gluten-free recipe mixes, created by Schwartz™ the herbs and spices expert, and packed full of flavour!

When eczema strikes, it can be really hard to break the itchy, sore skin cycle! Specialist clothing can really help with this!

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