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It's funny how you go through difficult situations, accepting what is happening, and trying to deal with it the best possible way that you can. That was us for the first 16 months of little dude's life. Accepting the horrible card he'd been dealt, and trying to find a way of fixing it.

Dealing with the awful outcomes every time we realised he was reacting to yet another product, or 'life' as hubby put it. Figuring out a solution every time we were knocked back by the GPs. Finding a way to be heard in the ever increasing fog that was surrounding us. And through this, trying to function on severe sleep deprivation whilst caring for a poorly baby, and a young daughter.

There were so many signs that Callum was giving us, that we simply didn't know how to read...

  • Absolutely refusing to have bottles, and only having expressed milk when he finally did agree to it. He was breastfed to almost 10 months, which was simply exhausting, although good for him. We tried all sorts of bottles, teats and also Aptamil and then Hipp Organic baby formula. Eventually Hipp Organic was accepted, although there was no real reason to it. Knowing now that Callum has an allergy to milk protein, it makes absolute sense that he was refusing it all!
  • Revolting nappies, often very runny, and up to 6 times a day, which is another classic sign of intolerance to milk protein. This only started once Callum was being weaned, and moving onto formula.
  • Bloated, distended tummy, appearing to have trapped wind frequently.
  • Reflux type symptoms, especially when we tried him with yoghurt or cheese.

I remember a very vivid time with the reflux symptoms which really showed how bad his reaction was. New Years Eve 2012, the whole house, apart from me, were asleep, and it was about 11.55pm. Callum woke up screaming, and seemed to have some trapped wind. I picked him up, went to burp him, reflux symptoms kicked in, and his entire stomach contents came out in one go. As the fireworks started going off outside, I was stood with a shocked baby in my arms, surrounded by a pile of puke that had appeared so violently it had managed to hit both sides of a reasonably sized room! Mopping up a baby's room floor was not the start to the new year that I was expecting, and Callum has never had yoghurt since!!

For anyone reading this post, and thinking that at least one or two of the symptoms I've described sound very familiar, then please don't despair if you've got nowhere so far when speaking to your GP. The best thing I can suggest, and it is what we did, write down a diary of every single thing that you think could be a symptom, along with what has been eaten/ drunk that day. It will make your argument much more powerful, and provides a benchmark to work from.

As always, you will find support and advice here, any time you need it. You are not alone, and eventually, you will be listened to, and you will be able to start the journey to recovery.


0 # Guest 2014-01-21 10:07
Hi, I just came across your blog. I have a little girl (now 18 months old) with similar problems, although her eczema didn't get quite as severe as Callum's looks like. She did get the lovely infected eczema though.

I'm a bit shocked but not surprised at the treatment you got - we were really lucky with the dermatologist we went to at 4 months who advised us to go into full dust mite control straight away and sent her for skin prick testing at 4 months old.

He also organised for nurses to come and help us to do wet dressings to get the eczema under control - this is amazing and if you haven't tried it yet I would look into it. Basically, you lather the kid in moisturiser and steroids (if they need them) and then put wet bandages on top covered by dry bandages (to make the wet ones stay in place). It works to make the moisturiser sink in much better. Initially we did it continuously for a couple of days but now we just use it occasionally as soon as we notice her skin starting to flare.

I wrote a couple of posts on my blog last year about the whole thing if you want more info but please get in touch if you need more help.
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0 # The Intolerant Gourmand 2014-01-25 22:01
Thank you so much for your feedback, it is always helpful to hear how treatments others have tried can work. The wet dressings is not something we've heard of before now, so I will definitely look into this!

I shall check out your blog too!

Thank you for the support!

We will beat #eczema one day!!
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