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In the beginning, Callum was what people termed 'the perfect baby', he breastfed well, was very calm, happy, loved being cuddled by everyone, and started sleeping through the night (10.30pm-7.30am) at just over 6 weeks.

The first round of baby immunisations loomed at 8 weeks, and he seemed to take them in his stride, was grizzly for a couple of days, but then got back to his usual adorable self.

I guess it is important to take you through our journey, to fully understand the ups and downs/ highs and lows and the reason why we fight so hard for our little boy, who we affectionately call 'el snottio'.

My partner and I have a beautiful daughter, Chloe, who is beyond fantastic, a clever, thoughtful, understanding and considerate little soul, and always known as 'our little ray of sunshine'. Having been blessed with such a great little human being, we wanted to have a sibling to share her journey of childhood with....and that's when the 'fun' started.

Almost 1.5yrs of trying, and no joy, nada, nothing! Then came the most wonderful morning when a pregnancy test (of which many had been negative) came back as positive! The excitement was immense, but short-lived when we miscarried no more than 3 weeks later.

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