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Straight after receiving the allergy results, I remember hitting my first real challenge as it was time to give 'el snottio' some lunch (and nervous energy had made me quite hungry by that point too!). Normally this wouldn't have caused any problems, but now, knowing I had to eliminate a multitude of food types, what on earth was I going to do?!

My lovely god-mother had come to hold my hand during the allergy testing, as Callum's Gram was stuck in France and Jon couldn't get time off work and needed to pick up our daughter Chloe from school. To say thank you, I wanted to treat her to lunch. And there, the problems started, pretty much immediately!!

We went to a local pub, and started to study the menu....sandwiches were a no go (soya flour), pasta (no good as it had egg, dairy and tomato), soups (tomato and dairy to be wary of). This was already a third of the menu eliminated, it wasn't looking very hopeful! I'd not had the chance to do any research into 'safe' foods at this point, so I was essentially 'winging it', and gambling on Callum not having a reaction! The pressure!!

After quizzing the chef extensively, I decided on grilled chicken, cooked in oil, not butter (but it was touching a grill contaminated with butter), chips, as they were cooked in oil (mash had dairy products in it) and peas without any sauce or butter. A simple treat had turned into an absolute nightmare, and this was just the beginning!

I quickly realised I had my work cut out, and it would take a lot of research before it would be possible to even eat out for lunch with Callum again.


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Very good. It introduces the pbs v well n announces the follow up! Xxx

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