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I guess it is important to take you through our journey, to fully understand the ups and downs/ highs and lows and the reason why we fight so hard for our little boy, who we affectionately call 'el snottio'.

My partner and I have a beautiful daughter, Chloe, who is beyond fantastic, a clever, thoughtful, understanding and considerate little soul, and always known as 'our little ray of sunshine'. Having been blessed with such a great little human being, we wanted to have a sibling to share her journey of childhood with....and that's when the 'fun' started.

Almost 1.5yrs of trying, and no joy, nada, nothing! Then came the most wonderful morning when a pregnancy test (of which many had been negative) came back as positive! The excitement was immense, but short-lived when we miscarried no more than 3 weeks later.

So we carried on trying, and the thoughtless comments of 'oh well at least you already have a child' were ignored, as much as they can be. 4 months later, and we were fortunate enough to fall pregnant again. This time round, we were much more cautious, and with good reason. Just 6 weeks later, I was rushed into A&E, and subsequent emergency surgery, for a ruptured ectopic pregnancy which saw me lose my right tube, as well as the baby. Someone was looking out for us that day, just 2 hrs more and I wouldn't be here today.

A very close friend sadly lost her fight against cancer 4 weeks later, and in what can only be described as a total miracle, we found out that our wonderful little Callum was on his way (6 weeks after major surgery) - we are absolutely convinced our lovely friend Katie had something to do with it, and constantly say that she is his 'guardian angel'.

The pregnancy was relatively straight forward, and 8 days late, little dude Callum entered the world, via a very chilled out and fairly fast water birth.

For the 1st 10 weeks, everything seemed fine, then came the second round of baby vaccinations - and the eczema raised its ugly head for the very 1st time...and never left!

Cue endless clinic and consultant appointments, more drugs, creams and steroids than you could possibly know what to do with, a ridiculous amount of trial and error, a vast amount of anger and frustration on our part, and you get a recipe for an ill non sleeping baby, tired and worn out parents, and a little girl wondering if all baby brothers are red in colour!


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[…] passion and determination has been as a direct result of the difficult, and often harrowing journey our little dude Callum has gone through from just 10 weeks of […]
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