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Strugging to find amazing and unique presents? Look no more, Wicked Uncle will have the solution!

Since Halloween has now been and gone, and with 2 children in the house, talk has been very much focused on Christmas. Or more specifically the toys they really ‘please can I, would really like, thank you’ (Callum’s words!)

Certain children’s channels on TV have a lot to answer for, as adverts for the latest toys seem to be on perma loop, and appear to be on for longer than any of the actual programmes!

So, I’ve been keeping a note of the ones that Chloe and Callum have been particularly vocal about, as well as some pretty cool options to keep in mind.

Now, as if fate was lending a helping hand, a couple of weeks ago we were chatting with a company called Wicked Uncle on twitter.

wicked uncle 1 1024x524 

What is Wicked Uncle?

Have you ever heard of them before?

I hadn’t, and was very intrigued to find out more!

Basically, they are an online catalogue and warehouse for toys, but with a difference.

They offer in their words ‘a selection of fun, unusual and different presents for children’, many of them extensively tested by the junior toy testers at Wicked Uncle. They also provide a gift wrapping service, and can send them along with a handwritten card, directly to the recipient. They will even keep a record to remind you of upcoming birthdays each year. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it!

wicked uncle 2 1024x373

First Impressions

Instead of having all the mainstream toys and brands that you find everywhere, they are very specific in what they have on offer.

The toys are of a very high quality, and not what you would find in all the usual shops people go to.

They have a slick website, that is really easy to navigate. It’s clearly been built with the consumer in mind.

There are quirky little extras that show brilliant attention to detail.

The gift ideas for girls are shown with a dark pink hue, while for the boys it’s a navy colour.

wicked uncle 4 1024x408


When you select a gift to buy, you get fun captions when they go in the basket – I won’t spoil the surprise and fun, but keep a look out, it will definitely make you smile!

We were given a voucher to test out the site and order a few items, so after an extensive check of the site (I had to weigh up all the options, honest gov!), and paying a little extra myself as the choice was just too good, I finally whittled down my choices to:

  • Ahoy, me hearties – Pirate Jigsaw
  • Earthly Treasure – Pop up book
  • Glo shooting stars
  • Wire craft rings kit
  • Pocket microscope – Natural History Museum

dsc 0135 1024x681

The first 3 were chosen with Callum in mind, and the other 2 for Chloe!

Each of them are quite simply brilliant! They're original, of great quality, bright, colourful, and perfect for the recipients!

dsc 0139 1024x681

 Delivery of Goods

I have to say, this really impressed me! I put my order in at 10am, and the very next day I had received the order. I didn’t even have to pay an extortionate delivery charge like most of the big name online toy stores demand.

All the items were well packaged, and beautifully presented. I’d be delighted to receive them as a gift, and I know the kids would be too.

The box they arrived in, didn’t have a scratch on it, and everything had those protective big bubble wrap blocks inside to make sure they didn’t move about too much in the box during transit.

dsc 0140 1024x681

Would I use them again?

I will most definitely be using Wicked Uncle again, and I really recommend you check them out if you still need to do your Christmas shopping, or need to find a birthday present!

You’re guaranteed to find something suitable, if not more than 1 thing!

Customer service is first class! It’s a family run business, and it’s obvious that they care very much about what they do, and want to ensure it remains first class!

dsc 0141 1024x681

The quality of the goods is absolutely superb, and the attention to detail is lovely, and very refreshing. It’s nothing like what you would find in mainstream shops!

Go check out the site now, and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed

dsc 0136 1024x681

Personal note

Thank you so much for inviting us to check out your site Wicked Uncle! I have been extremely impressed by it. It’s been a very pleasant experience. I will and have been, recommending you to everyone. I have a number of birthdays coming up in the next few weeks, and will be getting the presents from your site!

(NB: The Intolerant Gourmand received a gift voucher to review Wicked Uncle)

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