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A rare occurrence where you visit a pub, pray they will be able to cater for multiple allergies, and they exceed every single expectation you have!

shoulder of mutton pub

After a health scare last week, which saw me in hospital for 24hrs (all ok, and on the mend now thank goodness!) I needed to take things easy for a few days to recover. As a result, we decided to go out for lunch. This meant not having to cook our usual Sunday roast, which was a welcome relief as I really wasn’t up to it.

It does come with its challenges though, as usually I like to do a lot of research on our chosen venue, to see if they are able to cater for Callum and his extensive allergies. And if they can’t, I will cook something that will replicate an option on their menu, for them to heat up when we are there so that Callum doesn’t feel left out.

This time, due to being so tired and drugged up (no excuse really!), it was more of a winging it situation. I can usually get round most things, and can get a suitable option that is safe – such as grilled chicken (on a freshly cleaned corner of the grill), fried chips (if the fryer is only used for the chips, and they don’t have a coating containing wheat) and boiled peas or cucumber slices. You see the problem.....

Well, the gods were looking over us on Sunday, and clearly had decided to give us a break, especially as I really wasn’t all that with it!

We ventured slightly further afield than normal, and found ourselves in Wendover, Aylesbury as we planned to go for a family walk afterwards to clear the cobwebs and get some fresh air.

It was here that we stumbled upon an absolute gem of a pub, The Shoulder of Mutton!

I went in ahead of the family, ready to grill them on their cooking procedures, who they get their ingredients from, whether freshly prepared or cook chill, to gauge whether cross contamination would be a serious concern and also whether there was anything suitable on their menu.

Well, from the moment I set foot in the pub, I just knew we would have a good experience.

It has a welcoming, cosy and friendly atmosphere, with helpful staff who couldn’t do enough for us. In spite of grilling them for a good 10 minutes, they remained cheerful, happy to help and providing all the options available for Callum.

They have an impressive selection available on their main menu, as well as a specials menu, but the real gem is the gluten-free menu designed for children. Yes really! Take a look at this menu for what they have to offer!

Blown away!

What’s even more impressive is that they were busy, and when I say busy, I checked with them – during the time we were there, they had 150 covers! At that level, it would be easy for them to slip up or miss something crucial.

They didn’t, not once! They were careful throughout, checking each time they brought something out for Callum to make sure it was ok, and ultimately safe.

I was very impressed, can you tell?!

We chose the gluten-free fish and chips for Callum, and were impressed to find out that the batter is made freshly for each order. Callum thoroughly enjoyed it, and wolfed it down.

shoulder of mutton 1

Chloe and Jon also had fish and chips, which were very generous portions. I’m told they were delicious.

I opted for beef and kidney pie with mash, as I was craving comforting food. I can confirm it really was good. The perfect portion size, and packed full of flavour!

shoulder of mutton 3

As we were having such an enjoyable time, we decided to try out their puddings as well, and my goodness they were good!

It is rare to be able to find anywhere that can offer a safe option for Callum, in fact I think I can count on 1 hand places that can.

This time round, he had 2 (!!) options, raspberry or mango sorbet. He chose the raspberry, and when it turned up, his eyes almost popped out he was so impressed with it! Chloe chose a seriously chocolatey fudge cake with ice cream and was equally as enthralled! As I was still wanting comfort food, I chose the classic apple pie and custard, and it was perfect! Jon tried a bit of all of the puddings, and agreed they were all delicious!

The Shoulder of Mutton I can only say thank you, and sing your praises from the roof tops. You are a rare find, and one to be treasured. For everyone in the allergy and intolerance world, go check this wonderful venue out, you won’t be disappointed!

We’ll be visiting again very soon, and I have a feeling it will become a firm favourite for our family!

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