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Wow, has it really been 3 weeks since I started my challenge?! Time flies when you’re having fun doesn’t it!!


It feels like second nature to pick up a bottle of a2 Milk™ when doing the shopping now.

I have to say, it’s been quite an interesting journey so far!

In the beginning

I’d not even heard of a2 Milk™ until they contacted me a few months back, inviting me to attend a PR event they were hosting so that I could learn more about the product, how, and why it came about. I’m glad they did!

There are many strong voices in social media, and whilst I listened to everything being put to me, I always always prefer to make up my own mind about anything!

This was certainly true for meeting, and now getting to know the team behind a2 Milk™.

I wrote about my experience at the PR event, which you can find out more about here.

They are very clear in their stance that their product is absolutely NOT suitable for people with a dairy allergy, or a lactose intolerance. This was also the case during the event, with their resident Nutritionist keen to highlight this as well.

Learning more

After the event, I kept in touch with the team, as I was keen to find out more about new reports coming out. The newest of which suggests that the A1 protein found in regular cows’  milk and the gluten protein found in wheat digest in a similar way to one another. Meaning that if you struggle to digest gluten, you may well also struggle to digest regular cows’ milk and a2 Milk™ could help.

Why am I keen to know more about this?

Well, I’m currently half way through training to become a qualified Nutritional Therapist, so this is exactly the sort of information that helps me with my studies. It’s also fascinating from a personal perspective!

Having suffered with IBS for many years, and been formally diagnosed for 15 years, I can control my diet to help me, but know that too much gluten can cause a flare, amongst other things.

I was very keen to find out more, and see if a2 Milk™ really could help me.

Hence the challenge!

Is it working for me?

Week 1 was a revelation, it truly made a difference, as you can find out here.

Week 2 continued to provide me with a marked improvement!

So, now I’m on to week 3.

Guess what, I’ve still got improved symptoms – if anything, they’ve improved even more!

I can now say, categorically, there is truth in what a2 Milk™ claims. It DOES make a difference to those who struggle to digest ‘normal’ milk, and it DOES make a difference to the symptoms I’ve experienced for a number of years.

The important bit!

I have said before, and I will repeat again now, it is NOT safe for anyone who has a milk allergy, or lactose intolerance as the milk still contains milk protein, and still has lactose in it! Callum will never be able to use this milk!

But, for those looking to still have dairy milk, but struggle with digesting it, be it due to their tummy feeling uncomfortable, then it could just be the solution to consider.

As a training Nutritional Therapist, I fully appreciate, and understand the importance of ensuring that your body gets all the essential vitamins, nutrients and more that it needs to function properly. Removing a large food group unnecessarily can cause devastating results that can be hard to reverse, such as osteoporosis, severe lack of calcium etc.

If there’s one thing that has always worked for me, make up your own minds before being swayed by others, you might just be pleasantly surprised!

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