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As part of my collaboration with a2 Milk™, I have given myself the challenge to use only their milk for 4 weeks to see if it really does make a difference for me.

a2 toy cow


This also includes using dairy free products to ensure that I’m not consuming any other form of milk, so that I can truly test whether I get any benefit!

The reason – because I suffer from IBS and have a number of unpleasant symptoms that I have to contend with on a daily basis. It’s all the usual suspects that you would expect from an intolerance:

  • Cramping
  • Bloating
  • Discomfort
  • Rashes

And more as well!

I found the first week to be relatively easy, and I did notice an immediate improvement.

This second week has proven to be slightly more challenging, but it’s not due to consuming it, in fact far from it!

It’s actually due to availability!

It’s proven to be so popular in my neck of the woods, I’m struggling to find enough supplies of it. Demand has meant that it sells out far quicker than expected. That’s great news for a2, but not so great for me when I end up having to hunt it down!

I’m fast becoming a fan of a2 Milk™, it’s just as versatile as ‘normal’ milk, you can cook with it with ease, and most importantly, it’s actually making me feel better! I can see a continued improvement to the previous cramping and bloating that I suffered with, and I feel better on the whole.

You all know what I mean when I say that you can’t quite explain how you feel, but you don’t feel ‘right’….. well that seems to have improved as well!

Those of you who follow me on twitter and instagram will know that I’ve been keeping my instagram feed up to date with just some of the recipes I’ve been creating with a2 Milk™, and this last week has included:

They all sound lovely don’t they!

I have another 2 weeks to go of my challenge, and if they’re anything like the first 2, then I’m going to really enjoy them!

Disclaimer – a2 Milk™ is NOT suitable for those with a milk allergy!


0 # Guest 2015-08-22 19:46
[…] Week 2 continued to provide me with a marked improvement! […]
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0 # Guest 2015-09-19 11:39
I have heard of a2 milk and had some vouchers for it ages ago but as you say finding it is actually the hard part! Popping over from blogging mums!
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