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Quite simply, chocolate and fruit syrup like no other!

Sweet Freedom

There’s only ever been a few occasions when I’ve been really excited by a food product!

You see, I’m quite a harsh critic, no scrap that, I’m a very harsh critic.

I struggle to find safe foods for Callum at the best of times, so if I find a ‘new’ product that claims to be free from everything, they really need to deliver on what they’re promising.

If they do actually end up safe for Callum and his extensive list of allergies, then I know that I have found something truly quite special, and if I do, then I will sing it from the roof tops!

Well, guess what!

I have!!

Singing their praises

Have you ever heard of Sweet Freedom before? No? Well you need to! They are the producers of ‘Choc Shot’ which is, wait for it:

  • Nut free
  • Dairy free
  • Gluten free
  • GMO free
  • Chemical processing free
  • Additive free
  • Preservative free
  • Low GI
  • Vegan
  • Suitable for diabetics (!)

Impressive isn’t it!

They have the following in their range so far:

  • Choc shot
  • Choc Shot coconut
  • Choc shot orange spice
  • *NEW* Fruit syrup light
  • *NEW* Fruit syrup dark

They can be found in all the main supermarkets, Holland & Barrett, Ocado, and even Boots too. So they are easily accessible for all consumers. They are on point with their cost too, and retail at a fair price, which we can all afford – important when you consider that most free from food is extortionately priced.

Where we first met

Ok, so I should confess that I’ve known about this product for just over a year as we had the pleasure of meeting one of their founders, Tina, at the Allergy Show in London last summer. She very kindly gave me some samples to test out, and I was seriously impressed.

I immediately trialled it in a recipe I was creating, and came up with a chocolate cake recipe that you can make in just 20 minutes, and it's been a big hit with everyone who's tried it!

Dairy free Fudgy Chocolate Cake

 Certified Nut-free

Now, the really important bit, especially for allergy sufferers such as Callum, since meeting them, they have been certified nut free! To achieve this, their products have to go through a rigorous testing process to ensure there is no risk of cross-contamination as well as picking through their production methods with a fine tooth comb. It’s a hard status to achieve, so this should be seriously championed! It also means that for nut allergy sufferers, they have total peace of mind when using this product.

I’ve been in touch with them ever since the Allergy Show, and a couple of weeks ago, they sent me some of their new products to try as they’ve just released their Fruit Syrup.

Oh my word!!!

It’s far better than agave nectar ever could be!


Fruit syrup – the details

Whilst agave nectar claims to be healthy, it is in fact still refined sugar due to the manufacturing process, and not as healthy for us as claims make out.

However, I refer you to Fruit Syrup made simply with natural fruit extracts from apples, grapes and carob. That’s it!

It’s so versatile too, as it can be used in:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Porridge
  • Pancakes
  • Toast
  • Yoghurt
  • Cooking
  • Baking

And more too!

I’ve been putting it through it’s paces since we received it, and it’s fantastic. It is stable to work with, has a lovely flavour, and is healthier for you than refined sugar options.

I really recommend you get to the shops and buy some to try it out for yourself, it's worth it, I promise!


Watch out for our competition!

Check back for my next post going live, it’s a delicious recipe using 2 of the Sweet Freedom products, and I will also be launching a competition to win a selection of Sweet Freedom products just in time for Easter!

Fruity pancake

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