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Easter can be a pretty tough time of year when it comes to allergies, but there are ways around it, and you can still make Easter magical!

Easter table

I started planning Easter a good few weeks ago now. I’ve always seen Easter as a time for family, and a chance to really enjoy the company of family. It’s so important to me that the children see Easter as more than just about chocolate, especially because of Callum’s allergies.

First up in the planning was the making of a safe easter egg for Callum in case I couldn’t find anything suitable in the shops.

Then came the search for some cute Easter crackers and an Easter table cloth. Amazingly Poundland had some gorgeous items which I quickly snapped up! Absolutely perfect for a cheerful and fun breakfast spread!

Easter 2016 4

After the purchase of some safe chocolate for Callum (I found some from Choices!) and a normal chocolate egg for Chloe, it all came down to one last bit of fun, an Easter egg hunt!

I’ve created an Easter egg hunt each year for the children since they were able to understand what it was. This year, I made them work a bit for the treats, and Jon and I were in stitches watching them complete each task!

Easter 2016 2

I called everyone down for breakfast, with a big pile of hot cross buns ready for everyone to tuck into. Callum and Chloe also discovered some presents, and extra treats (little eggs filled with Easter marshmallows) as well as a letter from the Easter bunny detailing the Easter egg hunt and the start of the clues.

Easter 2016 3

There followed a hilarious half hour of Callum and Chloe trying to work out the clues, complete the tasks, stuff their little faces with marshmallows, and giggle like crazy in their quest to find the ultimate prize of a chocolate egg.

It was a great way to teach them about team work, helping each other, and how to have some good old fashioned fun!

Easter 2016 5

Easter 2016 8

Easter 2016 9

After building up an appetite we all sat down to a yummy breakfast, before getting ready to go out for the morning.

So you see, with a bit of careful planning, a fun, exciting and totally allergy friendly Easter can be created.

I hope you all had an enjoyable and reaction free Easter too!

Easter 2016 1

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