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Now we’re approaching winter, it’s come round to that time of year when mention of the flu jab returns. For at risk/ vulnerable people with conditions that predispose them to a higher chance of suffering badly if they caught flu, it’s a great opportunity to protect themselves.

It is offered to the over 65s, people with comorbidities, and front line NHS workers amongst others.

The idea behind the flu jab is to get enough people to take up the offer, so that not only people who need the protection have it, the people who can’t have it will be more protected during the flu season.

Callum has been offered the chance to have the nasal spray for the past 2 years. Unfortunately, as it is egg based it would cause him a reaction. The added problem Callum has, is that even a simple cold can cause major problems for him, so it simply isn’t worth putting him through so much pain and discomfort in the hope he will get some protection.

Jon and I are both offered the flu jab through our work, so to give Callum the best possible chance of being protected, we both get it.

Anything to help our brave boy!

Jon never really gets any reaction, a day of sniffles a few days after having the jab, and that’s it.

Me on the other hand….. a whole different kettle of fish!!

This is the 4th year running that I have had the flu jab, and whilst I’m assured by my work colleagues that there’s no active flu ingredient in the jab, it floors me every single blooming year!


Exactly a week to the day after having the jab, I get a sore throat, which progresses to a nasty cough, aching limbs, blocked nose, the shivers and so on. And after a week of this, I lose my voice and all the other symptoms still continue!

It’s almost like my body makes me go through a mild version of flu symptoms whilst trying to ‘accept’ the jab.

It does leave me feeling utterly lousy, and I’m currently on the 2nd week since having the jab, so this week has been somewhat of a struggle, I have to say!!


When I consider everything Callum goes through, what he puts up with, and the challenges he faces on a daily basis, I kind of have to man up and just deal with it.

Me having to deal with minor symptoms is far better than the other far more terrifying alternative of Callum actually catching flu. It would undoubtedly result in a hospital admission and leave him very very poorly.

And that, quite simply can’t happen!

If you have it offered to you, please do take up the chance of having the flu jab, you just never know who you might be helping!


0 # Guest 2014-11-06 20:56
I might be wrong, but I think there is an egg-free alternative to the nasal one for children with allergies. When my husband took our little girl to the surgery to get the jab, he was told she couldn't have it because of her allergies but that there was another one she could have. We're waiting for the nurse's phone call but maybe you could ask your surgery. Hope that helps.
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