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When I first began to write this blog just over 9 months ago, it started off as a quiet, neutral place where I could note down the things that were playing on my mind. In fact, if truth be told, it’s probably how most people who write a blog started out.

Well, let me tell you, a blog is a wonderful thing, it really is!

  • It’s almost like a pet, in the way it needs to be fed information and nurtured to see it grow
  • It’s always there for you, even if you do occasionally neglect it a bit when life gets in the way
  • It listens, and lets you tell your thoughts and worries without interruption, or more importantly, argument!
  • It lets you voice your fears without reaction
  • It helps you to reach the answer you’ve been trying so desperately to find
  • It provides a full support group at the times when you really need it most

For me, this blog was a means to try to get my head around everything that happened to Callum and to us as a family.

Anyone who reads this blog knows we have been to hell and back, on a journey I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, to try to get Callum as well as possible in spite of the daily challenges he faces.

Tears, frustration, anger, despair, depression, fear…. None of this truly depicts the tough challenge we have faced as individuals and as a family.

The battles have most definitely left their scars, but we’re still standing, and fighting as a unit to keep Callum well.

As the blog has grown over the past few months, it’s started to reach people who need the support and advice on here the most. And for this I am both proud, and thankful. I promise to keep being there, for everyone, and anyone who needs it. Just knowing someone can relate to what you are going through helps more than words can ever describe!

I was desperate to have this information out there when we were at the beginning of our journey, and knowing this blog can offer the very information that is crucial to help people going through the same journey, is just amazing!

Out of intrigue, I checked the blog’s ranking on Tots 100 at the beginning of the week. I don’t usually, it’s a new blog, and is only just starting to get somewhere in the world of blogging. So imagine my surprise and delight when I found out it’s currently ranked 474 out of 1000’s!

I’m so proud of this! It won’t mean much to many people, but to me, it means my hints, tips, advice, recipes and support is reaching the very people that need it most, the ones that are living the hell we have. And, hopefully, it’s helping them, even just a little bit!

On top of that, this blog was entered into the UK Blog Awards 2015 just to test the water, I never expected it to be accepted, and for that I am truly blown away.

To help us continue spreading the word about allergies and eczema, I would be so grateful if you would vote for us using this link:

On a personal note, thank you so so much for the support shown to this blog. I promised a year ago to make a difference in the allergy and eczema world, and strive to make diagnosis, support and advice better. Slowly but surely, since setting up The Intolerant Gourmand as a business, we’re starting to make a difference, and we won’t stop until we’ve transformed the way allergies and eczema are managed!

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