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It’s a well-known fact that children with allergies tend to be the victim of bullying, no matter their age. It hurts my heart to write this, but sadly, through my own experiences with Callum, I know it’s true.

Life can be very cruel!

Just imagine, to even try to get through a day as a sufferer of allergies, eczema and asthma, you have to battle:

  • Extreme wheezing!
  • Needing an inhaler to help you breathe!
  • Trying not to cough as that can make things worse!
  • Itching all over, so bad that it makes you want to cry!
  • Trying to ignore the itch, failing miserably, and making yourself bleed through scratching so much, and still not being able to stop!
  • Figuring out what is actually safe for you to eat today, and getting fed up of the limited selection you have on offer!

And then, when you’re somehow, just about coping with all of this, and you then get the ‘kick in the teeth’ in terms of bullying, you can totally get why it becomes a bit much. Right?!

Most often, it’s through ignorance and sheer lack of understanding. Sometimes, it’s not.

I like to try and see the positives in things, and think that with better education and more understanding, these situations will become fewer and fewer.

So, you’re battling on behalf of your little, or you’re a sufferer yourself, you’ve learnt to deal with it. Life is what it is, there’s no use complaining. It’s better to get on with things.

There is no one with a bigger smile, and a happier disposition on the ‘outside’ than a sufferer, let me tell you! They may be crumbling on the inside, but on the outside, they are this ray of sunshine that just makes people want to spend time with their warmth and humour. Callum is no exception. He goes through utter hell constantly, but everyone will tell you that he’s this little ball of giggly and fun energy, and it’s a pleasure to be in his company.

Quite incredible when you think about what he goes through, how can he still be so chirpy….!

I’m all for keeping this happiness going, and some!

It’s half term here, so I thought as a treat, I would take the kids to the cinema. Popcorn and a good film, what’s not to love?

Boxtrolls, that’s what!

Seriously unimpressed, and very disappointed! It’s the first time ever that I can actually say I take offence to a film.

In fact it’s more than offence, I am incandescent with rage that this film was ever allowed to be passed through whatever channel it goes through to be shown to the general public.


To quote from the official description of the film:

There is action where the villain and his minions aggressively hunt and capture the boxtrolls. The villain has a severe lactose intolerance condition that makes him puff up grotesquely whenever he consumes dairy products’

I’m sorry, but I don’t think a severe allergic reaction is something to be laughed at. We nearly lost Callum twice due to severe allergic reactions! It’s utterly heart-breaking to witness, and you live in constant fear of it happening again, and at any time!

One of the top critics said about the film:

I can’t remember the last time I saw a family animation so visually rich, tightly scripted, charmingly performed which was also built on a sound and progressive message’

I’m sorry, what???!!!

The only message it’s giving, is that it’s ok to bully people with allergies to a humorous advantage! And I’m sorry, but that’s really NOT ok!

Chloe has had a few friends tell her the film is very funny, and she has asked to go and see it. I’ve had to explain to her, that I will never allow her to see it, nor will I spend any money on something which is so utterly irresponsible in its message about allergies.

Can you imagine, if I was sat in the cinema with her, and she watched this reaction happen? She’s so protective of her little brother all the time, never mind when he has a reaction. She would be totally beside herself. And as for the psychological damage it could do to her, and in fact all of the children affected by allergies…..

Makes you think twice doesn’t it!

I’m so disappointed, I usually love watching films with the kids, but this one leaves me feeling sick to the stomach!


0 # Guest 2014-10-30 07:46
Sounds like a terrible film!? My little girl is allergic to dairy so I'd be offended by it too.
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0 # Guest 2015-09-19 11:33
That film sounds awful. Like kids need help and encouragement to bully each other. Did you complain to the film maker?
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