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Any parent knows, there comes a time when you have to start thinking about the dreaded 'potty training' as a viable consideration.

Having gone through this with Chloe, I'm far more wary than I was first time round.

With your first, its another milestone.

Something 'amazing' that your precious little one is achieving.

Yep, not this time. I remember very well the puddles on the floor, the going through 15 pairs of pants in the space of just a few hours (how does a child even hold that much liquid in their bladders??!!), or even just the simple cry of 'uh oh mummy!'.

We have been gently introducing Callum to the idea of potty training for a while. The potty became part of his bedtime routine from the age of around 18 months. He knows what its for, what to do with it, and when reminded, does get a fairly good hit rate, which we reward him for. His little face lights up when he achieves a hit, and it's such a pleasure to see him so proud of himself.

So, when is the fine line of 'fairly good hit rate' turned into actively being brave enough to ditch the pull ups and go cold turkey.

I won't lie, the thought terrifies me for a number of reasons.

Primarily, we've been doing extensive work to our house, and have newly laid carpets everywhere. The idea of Callum missing the potty, and hitting the new carpets concerns me greatly!

The other key reason, and one which may resonate more with other parents with children suffering with severe eczema, is the removal of the body suit.

A simple, innocent body suit.

What's the harm in ditching them and getting vests instead.

Nothing to worry about, right...?!

Let me explain!

When a small baby is diagnosed with severe eczema, itching and scratching is a way of life to them. As soon as they have even an inch of bare skin, it's almost as if they are programmed to scratch it to oblivion. While breastfeeding, Callum would feel my skin, and scratch me like crazy, because for him, when you have bare skin, that's what you do. It's heart-breaking to see, but sadly, a reality.

Even now, at 2 years old, if he is able to get to his skin (tummy and back in particular!) he will scratch and itch it to blood, every single time the skin is exposed!

Now, let me take you back to the body suit.

That body suit acts as a barrier, it prevents Callum from getting to his tummy and back and damaging them badly through scratching, which if continued for a prolonged period, will result in infected eczema, which in turn causes many issues.

The dilemma, do we just go for it, ditch the body suit, and actively encourage the potty training when Callum is almost ready to do it. Or, do we leave it a while longer, allow his skin a bit more breathing space, and continue as we are?

Tough call eh!


0 # Guest 2014-07-08 21:08
Poor little sausage. Sounds like he's doing just fine though. Iris is still in cloth nappies at night but we're thinking of biting the bullet & ditching them during the summer hols. I need to psyche myself up for a week of wet bedsheets before doing it though!

Would there be any chance of Callum keeping some light cotton gloves on at night to stop the scratching? Probably not at his age but just a thought.
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0 # The Intolerant Gourmand 2014-07-09 21:28
It is definitely about psyching yourself up when it comes to potty training isn't it!!

Unless I taped the gloves to Callum, there's no way of keeping them on, he just rips them straight off! And he scratches morning, noon and night, so I need a solution for 24/7. x
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0 # Guest 2014-07-09 21:30
Yeah, I figured that would be the case. We tried gloves to stop thumb-sucking with the same results. I hope you find a solution.
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