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Ok, I’ll fess up, the title isn’t portraying a blog post that’s as bad as it sounds. Honestly!

But, it is talking about a little known phenomenon, that I’ve only just come across.

I’ve heard of people talking about nappies and their baby’s bottoms appearing to be ‘burned’ by them, and never really took much notice… until now!

When Callum was little we used 'Huggies' nappies, they were fab! And then in their infinite wisdom, they decided to stop selling them in the UK! We weren’t impressed! They never leaked, and were the best available, at least in our opinion!

Ever since, we’ve used the Tesco, nappies. And then the pull-up nappies ever since we started Callum on the potty training journey. He’s still a way off being able to ditch the nappies for good, but to help him, we’re using pull ups, so he has a bit more control and can start to do things for himself.

Since the ‘may contain nuts’ fiasco, I’ve tended to shop in other shops, and more often than not it’s been Sainsbury’s, who I’ve been really impressed with! They have a wonderful and constantly improving ‘free from’ section which caters for most allergies, and their quality is better across the board.

Sainsbury’s also sells its own brand pull up nappies (with its size 5 pack containing more pull ups than Tesco!). Since using the Sainsbury’s nappies, I’ve noticed that if I go back to the Tesco ones, Callum gets a very sore bum within 48hrs. Make that a really sore bum!

And it’s weird, it’s not a bum/nappy rash as you would normally expect, it’s a distinctive irritated eczema type rash, which clears up when the nappies aren’t used, almost like it’s a burn.

I’d written it off as a mere coincidence, but after testing my theory a few times, and googling to find others with similar experiences, I’m now pretty convinced that the nappies are to blame! From the research I’ve done, it sounds as if it could be chemicals to blame, primarily what is used to help draw liquid into the nappy, and what is used to keep the liquid locked away.

It does intrigue me how 2 nappies, which presumably are manufactured in the same/ similar way, can result in 2 very different reactions?

I know Callum is an extremely atopic child, and pretty much allergic to the world, but being potentially allergic to a nappy is a weird one by any standards!

I guess for Callum, the only thing I can do, is to continue with Sainsbury’s, and avoid Tesco. After all, my poor boy goes through enough as it is, without the need for a sore bum, instead of a nice peachy one!

Has anyone else experienced this? Did you get the same reaction? How quickly did it clear up?


0 # Guest 2014-06-17 22:17
Good and light, yet asks the question. Will also rattle tesco and maybe get sainsb interested in you! ;-) xx

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0 # Guest 2014-06-18 09:50
I find the same thing but we are good with tesco nappies but as soon as we switch to a different brand the rash comes out. And like you it isn't a typical nappy rash but it looks almost like a sunburn on the bottom!
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0 # The Intolerant Gourmand 2014-06-24 22:37
It's really weird how they're affected isn't it! You'd think all nappies would essentially be made up the same way!
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0 # Guest 2014-07-08 06:28
yes we have had a similar issue, with assorted nappies, we never checked which as we only had disposables gifted to us for emergencies, we are in cloth only now with cloth wipes etc. no chemicals in the house at all (not even bug spray)
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0 # The Intolerant Gourmand 2014-07-09 21:24
I'm thinking cloth nappies are definitely the way forward! If we weren't starting the potty training journey, then I would consider investing. It seems like the best option all round! x
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