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A party is a big deal in a child's social calendar, any parent can tell you that. The excitement of receiving an invite, choosing a present, and wearing a special outfit all help to build the anticipation of a fun time. And then, there's the party food....... an abundance of sweets, cake, pizza, it's like Christmas has come early for the children! If you're a parent of a child with allergies, it becomes a huge nightmare!!

When dealing with allergies, parties become a military operation, stealthily watching your little one for any sign of contraband breaching defences. Examples can include; sandwiches made with butter, cheese, crisps (more often than not they contain milk), cakes, biscuits (usually made with butter), milkshakes, chocolate...... you get my point!

It seems cruel beyond belief, but the only way to control the situation is to bring a packed lunch, and try to replicate the party food where possible.

Now, Callum is very good, he knows that if mummy or daddy, (or his child-minder Mel) have not given him food, he's not to touch it incase it's not safe. We have to educate at every party we attend so that a 'meaning to be kind person' doesn't inadvertently give Callum something to eat which will trigger off a reaction, and cause days of discomfort or worse.

Think about it, it's easily done, say I was to turn my back for just a second to help Chloe, a tray of food is passed around, and food is given to Callum.....potential disaster!!

This has happened at one party, he got given a chocolate (snickers) not only did it have dairy, but Callum has an epi-pen due to a severe allergy to nuts. You've never seen a mother more possessed, scooping stuff out of a toddlers mouth and forcing him to spit before it entered his stomach! The poor boy was startled but knew it was important to get rid of the stuff in his mouth very fast! Within a couple of minutes the hives started, but thankfully we managed to get everything out before being swallowed, otherwise I dread to think what the outcome could have been. It doesn't bear thinking of!

So, my final comment for you.....a golden rule to remember at any party, if passing food around, hand it to the parent, or at least check with the parent first, you might just save a life!


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Very good. Stresses the point very well. Xx Sent from my iPad

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