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Today has been a very special day in our house, it's the little dude's 3rd birthday!!

In spite of everything that he battles on a daily basis, he still remains the bravest, most cheerful, smart, amazing miracle of a boy, and our hearts are bursting with pride and love!

Yesterday, he had such a severe reaction at his child minders, he was violently sick, and when I say violently, our child minders has been doing this job years, and even she was shocked at the amount he produced! Poor baby! God knows what set him off, he only had safe foods. It was just one of those things, and just bloody bad luck it was the day before his birthday!

He was very subdued last night, and didn't want much more than cuddles.

This morning he was complaining of tummy ache again, but seemed better after breakfast, all be it very pale!

We had planned on taking him out for the day, but with how he was feeling, and the weather (torrential downpours are an understatement!), it was better to stay at home and open presents - which Callum was quite happy with!

Happy birthday bubba!!

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