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Every day with Callum is a challenge, anyone who is part of the allergy world will agree with this. You are always on the lookout for something to happen, or a reaction to occur.

But sometimes, things happen that are totally left field, and beyond your control, no matter what you do!

During the summer holidays we all went away for a weekend in France, and had no issues while over there, other than Callum suffering his usual allergy symptoms. In fact, it was so warm and sunny over there, the vitamin D worked wonders on his skin - it was the best it has looked for a long time. Since being back in blighty, it's gone back to its usual itchy and blotchy form however.

So, a foreign country, and no issues. Get back to the UK and terra firma, and it all hits the fan....!

Picture the scene, the plane lands, we walk down the stairs, go across the tarmac to the waiting bus which will take us to the terminal, hold Callum's hand as he steps up onto the bus helping him up in the process, and he screams!

And doesn't stop!

And his arm is hanging limply by his side!

He's utterly inconsolable!

I hold on tight to him, to stop him moving whilst the bus is moving, and he still is inconsolable.

Ahhh damn it!!!!

As soon as the bus stopped, and I lifted Callum out, along with our luggage, I knew straight away that there was something very wrong!

After giving him a quick check over, my suspicions were either dislocation of the elbow or shoulder.

The security guard came over to ask if all was ok, and requested first aid to come and check Callum over. Due to him being so young, they also requested ambulance support.

The first response attender arrived, and diagnosed 'pulled elbow', an almost dislocation of the elbow, and very painful until it pops back into place!

Poor Callum!!

The airport team were fantastic! Whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive, border control took our passports away and got us security cleared. The security team collected our baggage and brought it to us, and they also got our car delivered to the airport as well.

All while we sat waiting for the ambulance to arrive, trying to keep Callum calm and comfortable. A very impressive team, who we are very grateful to!

Callum's way of coping is to fall asleep, when ever his body is going through trauma, he falls asleep very quickly to protect himself. To anyone who doesn't know him, it can be quite unnerving, and it initially worried the security guys, until I explained. Bless him, they were all really impressed with how brave he was.

During the ambulance ride to the hospital, Callum started to gain some movement in his arm - a really good sign, as it meant the elbow was popping itself back into place!

By the time he was in A&E, it was almost back to normal. A bit of manipulation and a dose of brufen later, and he was almost back to his usual chirpy self, all be it slightly cautious and careful of his arm! We got to escape soon after, with strict instructions to keep his arm rested as it could easily happen again now!

The brave soldier strikes again!!



0 # Guest 2014-09-11 23:52
Poor little man. Thinking of you...
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