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dermatiqueRegular readers will know that Callum battles with multiple severe allergies on a daily basis. But did you know that he also suffers with asthma and severe eczema too? Yep, he really does get a lot chucked at him!

We have a fairly good routine when it comes to controlling and maintaining Callum’s skin, and trying to keep the eczema as calm as possible. It involves using a vast amount of moisturising emollient cream, and various different steroids, according to the state of the eczema. Sometimes, we can get away with no steroids/ very little steroids if the eczema is being well controlled!

At the moment we’re doing battle with the very high pollen counts.

The pollen causes havoc for hayfever sufferers – you can count Callum and myself into this mix! Our eyes look awful at the moment, we have permanently streaming noses, and we’ve lost our voices a few times over the past month or so.

But, did you know that pollen can also unbalance eczema?

It gets into the already sore skin, and literally causes havoc!

Callum loves playing in the garden – what kid doesn’t! But it doesn’t like him, or at least his eczema prone hands!

Day1aFor weeks now, we’ve had a vicious circle of sore, splitting, weeping, bleeding palms of his hands. No matter what steroid we use, and we have a pretty potent collection, nothing seems to be helping. It probably doesn’t help that Callum loves to push his cars around in the grass, and pull up clumps of grass at a time……

A few weeks ago I got in touch with Dermatique via twitter. They were looking for eczema sufferers to test one of their products, and see if it helped.

Dermatique Recuperating Cream was created by a parents desperate search for a solution to eczema after seeing their little one go through the agony of itchy, sore, broken, weepy skin. Any parent who witnesses their child go through severe eczema without a means to fix it will tell you that they will do absolutely anything in their power to fix it!

To quote directly from them, they:

‘combine the latest scientific research with the best raw minerals and plant extracts nature has to offer, our products moisturise, nourish and protect skin. We keep harsh ingredients out of our products, and balance them so that they can benefit people of all ages from babies like Princess Patricia to men and women in their golden years.’

Normally I tend to ignore requests where people are reaching out to sufferers, as more often than not the products will contain ingredients that Callum is allergic to. However, this product was made by parents desperate to find a cure.

I’ve been there! I’ve begged for some other cream to help Callum, tried to find lotions and potions to make it better for him! We’ve found some sort of happy medium, but there’s always room for improvement with anything!

Something made me get in touch with Dermatique, and a week later a sample arrived for Callum to try.

I had to do a patch test for 24hrs (testing a tiny area of Callum’s skin) to see if it would cause a reaction. We got lucky, no reaction!

So, I decided to use the cream on Callum’s hands, let’s face it, they needed all the help they could get, and some! In fact, the day I started to test the product out, his hands were so very sore, he was literally holding them up in the air so that nothing could touch them and cause him more pain than he was already in.

Can you imagine, a 3 year old, with such painful hands, all he wanted to do was hold them up in the air.

No playing!

No scrubbing about on the floor with his toy cars!

No running around and mucking about in the garden!

Just horrible, painful, weepy, sore hands….

Something had to give, so for the past 3 weeks now, I have been using the Dermatique Rejuvenating Cream on his hands, wrists and arms, whilst keeping up with his normal routine elsewhere.

It’s not been easy, the pollen has really thrown a lot of curveballs and has been quite frankly, an utter pain to overcome!

Day16BUT! Check out the before and after photos. You can see for yourself that the skin looks far less angry, and red. It appears soothed, calmer and less irritated. I tried to take photos of both hands, but Callum was not playing ball!

All in all, I would say that this product is definitely one to consider for mild to moderate eczema sufferers. It does exactly what is described, and certainly promotes healthier skin, with a sensitive skincare solution.

For severe eczema sufferers, it’s a little more difficult as you do need to still use your steroids, which is what we resorted to. It is a fantastic moisturiser though, and Callum thought so too!

Thank you Dermatique for sending us a sample to try, we give you a big thumbs up for your great product!

(NB: No payment was received for this blog post)


0 # Guest 2015-06-28 14:08
I reviewed this as well and totally agree with you! Really great moisturiser, helped with itching but I don't think its strong enough for severer eczema and I still had to use steroids on my little one.
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