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Allergy support groups are beginning to pop up all over the place now, which is truly wonderful to see. Just a few years ago, things were very different, and it was even more of a struggle than it is now to gain important support through the long and difficult allergy journey we all experience when first exposed, often quite brutally, to the allergy world.

A key leader in this is Allergy UK!

Not only do they provide a wealth of information on their website, and provide support and guidance to allergy business such as ourselves, they also continually strive to achieve more and more support for allergy sufferers and their families, the ones who truly need support the most.

Last year, they hosted their very first annual conference, which was an outstanding success!

They are due to host their 2nd annual conference this weekend at St Thomas’ Hospital, in London. It is a ticketed event, which not surprisingly, has been fully booked for some time!

For anyone living with the challenges that allergies bring, be it a parent of a sufferer, or indeed a sufferer themselves, it provides a fantastic opportunity to talk to the experts, gain valuable information and seek comfort from others in the same situation.

This year, the focus is on ‘Allergy – The Hidden Condition’, which ties in perfectly with the article released by Allergy UK for Allergy Awareness Week last month. Click here for more details!

Key speakers such as Professor Peter Howarth, Dr Carsten Flohr, Dr Isabel Skypala will be providing an insight into their work with allergies, and how allergy sufferers can work to improve their situation. They will be on hand for delegates to learn about the signs, symptoms and often complex nature of allergies, as well as impart the techniques they use with patients to manage allergies better.

There will also be interactive, practical workshops to gain further knowledge, and network with other sufferers.

It sounds fantastic doesn’t it!

Speakers who are leaders in the field of allergies, providing top tips and tricks of how to successfully manage and live with allergies, and then the chance to meet other people in the same situation as you, so you don’t feel as if you are alone in this difficult allergy journey.

A very productive and positive day for sure!

I am very fortunate to be attending, and will be writing a review after the event on my findings, which I will share here as soon as possible.

I’m really looking forward to this conference, as for me, it provides hope for the families struggling on a daily basis, and it offers them the opportunity to speak directly to the people who could really help them, where perhaps previously they have struggled to reach the support and guidance they so desperately seek!

It also shines some much needed light into what can be a dark desperate time, and to know that you are not alone on the journey, can sometimes be half the battle won!

Well done Allergy UK, and thank you for all that you do to support the people who need it most!


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Very good! X

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[…] weekend saw the Allergy UK annual conference take place. It was a chance for parents, carers and sufferers of allergies to come together, meet […]
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