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With Easter quite literally just around the corner, thoughts are turning to chocolate! Everywhere you look, shops are full to the brim of colourful, bright and yummy looking chocolate Easter eggs and sweets!

That’s fab if you can eat them, but what about if you suffer with allergies? Going shopping with the little dude in tow over the past few weeks has been heart-breaking. Every time he sees any Easter eggs, his first comment:

‘mine can’t eat them, make me sick!’

My poor boy!!

So, I have trawled the local supermarkets (Tesco & Sainsbury's) to see what, if any, allergy safe alternatives are on offer. I did the same last year, and was very disappointed as any that were made specifically for the allergy market were in a boring and non-descript box.

Not very appealing for a toddler!

This year, I have been pleasantly surprised, as there is quite a large selection available. And even some of the more mainstream chocolate suppliers have some suitable options!

Some of the allergy specific options are pricier than the mainstream ones, but actually, to have a safe, tasty and available alternative is good enough for me!

The chocolate options:

After Eight - although young children may not be so keen on the mint! Callum quite liked it though!

photo 1 photo 16

Lindt - quite a dark chocolate, but not too bitter

photo 3 photo 4

Divine chocolate - only the dark chocolate version is suitable!

photo 7 photo 8 photo 14

Choices - one of Callum's all time favourites, he always asks for this if he sees it!

photo 9 photo 18  photo 26  photo 28     photo 30

Sainsbury's free from - not bad, but you don't want to be reminded that it's a 'free from' egg! More cheerful packaging would be far better!

photo 20 photo 21

Kinnerton - another of Callum's favourites, and one that I use a lot in recipes as it is very stable! Callum is a big fan of the chocolate lollipops, I really recommend them, and he does too!

photo 32photo 42

Moo Free - another firm favourite with Callum! Last year we found the honeycomb egg for him, and he thought it was fab! And the packaging is child friendly too, happy days!

photo 38 photo 39 photo 40

The sweets options:

If you're really not sure about the chocolate, there are some lovely sweet options available! We use these to fill plastic colourful eggs to create our own 'safe' Easter egg hunt that everyone can enjoy!

photo 33 photo 34 photo 35 photo 36

We hope this post helps you a bit in your search for the perfect Easter treat! :)


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