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I can’t quite believe that it’s been 3 months since Callum’s repeat allergy testing back in September. I know I’ve said it before, but my goodness has this year flown by!!

So, 3 months after allergy testing can only mean one thing, yep, consultant time yet again.

I don’t mind these appointments, there’s nothing to be worrying about, getting concerned about or having sleepless nights compared to when they allergy test.

These appointments are actually fab, especially if you do your homework!

They’re the best opportunity to discuss observations, voice concerns, request advice, suggest possible addition/ alternative routes that the consultant may think is sensible to try.

Ultimately, to make a success of these appointments, you need to work as a team with the consultant. They should know your little ones history inside out, know what’s worked previously, be fully aware of other issues and concerns, and pre-empt any possible questions you have.

I’m well aware that sadly, it’s not always the norm, and that’s what Intolerant G was set up for!

We’re lucky though, Callum’s consultant is really good, one of the best. The fight for us was to get to see him in the first place, but once that happened, things really started to change for the better for us, as anyone who regularly follows this blog will tell you.

So, back to this latest appointment….

We have been trialling a wheat free diet on top of everything else that he has to avoid, due to blood in stools, severely distended tummy, very moody behaviour, and so on.

Well, after just 3 months, even the consultant agreed there was a substantial improvement. Callum’s tummy looks ‘normal’, there’s no more blood in his stools, he seems more comfortable, his shiners under the eyes have reduced even more – it’s all really positive.

We also had trialled baked egg in the form of a tiny bit of cake, but Callum reacted within an hour, with hives all over his body. Having taken photographic evidence, the consultant was able to make an informed decision. No eggs!! He clearly can’t cope with them at all!

Callum’s eczema seems mostly in control too, there’s a few patches that are stubborn to steroid creams, but on the whole, it’s fairly well managed.

On top of that, it looks like the asthma is quite well controlled too. The consultant wants us to trial montelokast (think that’s how it’s spelt) to see if it helps Callum at all, especially due to him suffering with what the consultant described as a ‘multi system allergic response’. He did mention that it sometimes has an adverse reaction to behaviour/ moods….

So, my question to you lovely lot, do you have experience of using montelokast? Have you seen a change in behaviour/ mood? Is it worth doing?

I want to make absolutely sure it’s right for our brave soldier, before giving even more meds to deal with!

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