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There is a real festive feeling starting to descend on our house this week! It's lovely!

The advent traditions have been going strong for almost 2 weeks now, but it's as the rest of the Christmassy things come together, that the festive glow starts to build.

It started with Jon's work christmas do last weekend, followed by the baking of Christmas goodies at the beginning of the week. Then came Chloe's nativity at school, and Christmas jumper day today!

But the one big event in any house is the decorating of the Christmas Tree!

We always have a real tree! To me, Christmas Day is all the more special when you're sat there with the smell of a real tree, with the fire going, whilst opening presents with your nearest and dearest!

I was worried about how it might affect Callum with his asthma, but thankfully it doesn't seem to be one of his triggers!

There's a nursery in the village next us, that we always go to.

So we rock up with the trailer hooked to the back of the car, über excited kiddos in tow!

Then comes the exciting 'run' to the Christmas trees, followed by the choosing of the 'perfect' one, before paying and heading home to decorate it!

I always say it, and this year is no exception, the tree is an absolute beauty this year! Evenly proportioned, perfect height, and lovely deep bluey green colour!

It's been the perfect afternoon and evening, with the whole family involved in decorating it!

I think it's safe to say that we're all getting a little but excited about Christmas now!


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