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Enjoying the tranquility of Stowe landscape gardens!

Photo of the week 31st July 2016 - Enjoying the tranquility of Stowe landscape gardens

The first full week of the summer holidays has been full on, especially as we're still playing catch up after the wedding.

Little dude has also been battling hayfever, and severe eczema on his hands which has resulted in infection.

We've just signed up for a years membership with the National Trust, and have been making full use of the wonderful places to visit near us.

This weekend we went to Stowe landscape gardens, a truly beautiful area, offering many hours of exploration. It's a great place to get out into the fresh air with family, create lots of adventures and lasting memories, all whilst enjoying the wonderful surroundings.

We'd spent almost 2 hours walking through the grounds when this photo was taken, so Callum and Chloe were enjoying a well deserved rest.

If you've not visited Stowe, we can't recommend it enough!

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