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When your little dude learns to write properly!

Callum is due to start school in September, a very scary concept for many many reasons!

Callum absolutely loves to cook with me, it's a real pleasure for him, and for me too! But whilst it's a wonderful skill to have, it won't be of much use to him when he starts school.

Colouring and sticking are also favourite past times, and we're now including lots of writing practice to get him used to what will come in just a few months.

I found a lovely book from Galt, that teaches how to practice the basic shapes, such as 'o' and 'c', and rewards with stickers on completion of each page.

It's been a bit of a struggle to get Callum interested, but now he's getting the hang of it, he's really started to enjoy it!

silentsunday 07.02.16

 Is there anything you could recommend to help him even more?

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