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So, we've reached the other side of the Easter Holidays, or at least we have in our neck of the woods!

How did it go for you?

We had high expectations for a fun filled couple of weeks, with family day trips here and there, arts and crafts, visiting friends and family, and more!

Sounds lovely, right?

Yep, so the law of sod reared its ugly head, and decided to shake things up a bit…. Well quite a lot actually!!

The day after school broke up, Chloe started to complain about a sore throat. Within 48hrs she was croupy and feeling utterly lousy. So the first 3 days of the holiday were a write off as she pretty much slept the whole time on the sofa, or moped about the house feeling understandably sorry for herself.

easter 2Once she started to feel a bit more human, we took a trip to Hastings for the day to see Gram, and visited the Blue Reef Aquarium which was a BIG hit! I thoroughly recommend it for young children. There’s a lot of different varieties of fish to see, with interactive talks on specific fish as well. Chloe and Callum had a great time!

The next day, we ventured out again, this time to Warwick Castle. You can’t beat fresh air to help make you feel better, along with lots of walking, and history!

easter 3I can’t recommend Warwick Castle enough! It’s a fantastic day out, with so much to see and do, we could easily have come back for a second day and would have had just as much fun! After a bit of reassurance for Chloe, we did the tour of the dungeons, which were fab. Jon even had his head ‘chopped off’ at one point, which Chloe and Callum weren’t too sure of! There were princess tales in one of the towers, walks to the top of other towers, the trebuchet, jousting, horrible histories, the time tower, and more!

There was only one thing I could find fault with…… the food! We struggled to find ‘safe’ food for Callum. The venue as a whole clearly understand the 14 allergens and labelling situation, and have very clear posters detailing the ingredients for each food offered.

Commendable stuff!

easter 4But, there were no ‘alternative’ foods available, anywhere! Eventually, we found the pub on site, at the front entrance, who were fantastic. The head chef came out to talk to me so I could explain the situation. Having realised that there was not a single food option that was safe, he put forward the suggestion of creating a bowl of chips from scratch, freshly peeled, chopped and fried in a frying pan (as the fryers couldn’t be used due to a very high risk of cross contamination). He also created a simple salad of cucumber and carrot for little dude. To say I was grateful is an understatement! And Callum was very happy with his ‘special’ lunch, which the chef personally came and delivered to him to ensure it remained totally safe at all times until it reached us.

So after a lovely couple of days, we thought we’d have a day at home catching up on house stuff, and letting Chloe and Callum recharge their batteries.

Good thing really, as then Jon came down with the cold that Chloe had…. Yup man flu struck! Which resulted in us cancelling plans for the first weekend as he was feeling pretty rubbish!

staph 1And then, little dude started to show signs of it….!

At first it seemed like it would be similar to Chloe and Jon, a high temperature, croupy style cough, and a nasty headache.

Unfortunately, poor little dude doesn’t do things the easy way, as regular readers will know.

A few days into this cold, Callum had angry looking eczema patches appearing all over his body, with some turning weepy, particularly around his nose.

I had a client meeting at the end of last week, 5 days into Callum’s cold, which meant I was away for half a day. When I got home, Callum clearly wasn’t himself, his nose looked all bruised, as well as his cheek, and there were new spots appearing that looked infected.

Having gone through something similar before, and knowing the signs, I wasn’t happy to leave Callum like this over the weekend and not have it checked. Managing to get a last minute appointment on Friday afternoon, his GP confirmed my suspicions…. The poor dude had staph, again!

mummy & callumHis nose was covered on the outside, the inside, and his cheek was now also affected! No wonder he had been in so much discomfort! Imagine, the whole of the inside of your nose covered in weeping, bloody scabs, and itchy to boot. It's like a form of mental torture!

A strong dose of antibiotics were prescribed for 5 days, which we are now half way through, and thankfully it appears as if they are slowly helping, although I suspect a second dose will be required to fully kick this to the kerb!

Having an allergic child, with severe eczema is most certainly not easy, and definitely keeps you on your toes!!

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