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As anyone who follows this blog knows, we are determined to change the way allergies are dealt with, how they are diagnosed, and how to manage them.

Our passion and determination has been as a direct result of the difficult, and often harrowing journey our little dude Callum has gone through from just 10 weeks of age.

Just imagine, a tiny baby with the following:

  • covered with weeping sore eczema all over their little body
  • unable to feed properly
  • writhing around in severe pain
  • colicky
  • filling a ridiculous amount of nappies on a daily basis with frothy, mucous filled, blood flecked, horrible smelling stuff that doesn’t look anything like baby poo should do
  • projectile reflux type sickness where you can’t quite believe something so small could contain so much fluid in their little tummy
  • wheeziness all the time
  • dark circles under their eyes all the time
  • swollen eyes
  • swollen fingers/ hands/wrists

Now, imagine having to fight for months, and yes you read that right, months, to get a diagnosis and finally have the chance to get your child well.

It has been a journey of despair, fear, disbelief, anger, frustration, and more. The journey is not over yet, and we still face a long battle ahead of us to keep little dude safe and well.

This is why we are so passionate, and why we are unwavering in our constant work:

  • To share our knowledge
  • To bring allergies to the forefront of people’s minds
  • To make the health care professionals sit up and take note
  • To train the health care professionals on the benefits of early diagnosis, so that suffering is kept to an absolute minimum
  • To support parents as they navigate the long and difficult path to improvement
  • To give parents the tools they need to improve their situation

I won’t lie, it’s been an incredibly hard road to travel, and it’s by no means over. Every single day, you live in fear of receiving a call to let you know there’s been a really bad reaction, or they can’t breathe very well and are in serious need of medical intervention. Just writing that gives me shivers.

We’ve experienced both scenarios, on more than one occasion, and it literally makes your heart split in two, and your stomach drop to the floor, filling you with pure fear.

It’s because of this we will not stop or give up until diagnosis is much improved, treatment pathways aren’t hit and hope, and survival rates of severe allergic reactions are vastly improved.

We are making great waves with our various clients, and for this we are immensely proud. The work currently undertaken has made a huge difference for the better already, and we’re thankful and hopeful that this can continue for years to come.

On top of this work, by sharing Callum’s journey with the press, we are able to make people aware that the problem they are dealing with, is real and it can be fixed, it really does get better, and to provide hope (where possible) that there is an end to the horrible journey anyone going through this has to deal with.

The last article Callum was featured in went viral, which is beyond what we could have hoped for.

His story is featured in this weeks ‘That’s Life’ with their own unique interpretation of his story. It is on the shelves now (see picture below), and we really hope to have a similar response so that many more little ones can be helped!

If just one little one doesn’t suffer or go through the lengths we had and still have to, to get them better, then all of this hard work will have been worth it!

To help us spread the word, and help others in a similar situation to us, please share this post, so they can get the help they need too!

As always, thank you lovely reader for your support, as it helps us to do what we’re doing, making the allergy world a safer and kinder place than it has been!

Callum - That's Life article

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