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Have you ever wished for free-from cooking sauces that taste incredible and are already made so you don't have to spend hours cooking? Sounds amazing doesn't it!

Tanya Lambert Saucy Affair - a range of delicious raw sauces, perfect for those following a free-from diet! Packed full of nutrients, and still tasty!  

Our popular '5 minutes with...' series is back, and today I want to introduce you to one of the most inspirational entrepreneur I've ever met! The lovely Tanya Lambert is the creator of The Saucy Affair. I had the pleasure of meeting her 6 months ago at the Allergy Show in London, and she has taken the free-from world by a storm. I've used the sauces myself and tested them on a range of recipes, and I have to say, I'm impressed! 

Tanya has created the most wonderful selection of sauces and is currently crowd funding to bring them to market. Amazon Fresh and some of the big supermarkets are keen to stock her sauces, and this crowd funding will help her get the sauces mass produced to achieve this.

I find it very hard to buy pre made sauces that are safe for Callum. Not only are the majority of the range safe for him, they're also made using the freshest of ingredients. The Nutritional Therapist in me loves this. Taste is most definitely not compromised, they're divine, and they are packed full of nutrition dense ingredients. What's not to love!

If you would like to help Tanya reach her target for her crowd funder campaign, then take a look here:

And if you can, I urge you to pledge even just a small amount. These products needs to hit the shelves, they'll help so many people, Callum included! 

Right, over to you Tanya!

Tanya Lambert Saucy Affair - a range of delicious raw sauces, perfect for those following a free-from diet! Packed full of nutrients, and still tasty!

5 random facts about you?

  • No one else can make my morning cup of tea
  • 1 of my greatest fears was food
  • I attended 4 university fresher weeks – but never finished a degree
  • I cringe if someone says the word ‘scalp’
  • Labour was my favourite part of pregnancy

What is the story behind your business?

The Saucy Lady and Mother behind the Mask: As a child, when I was asked what do you want DO when you grow up? My answer was simple 'make a difference'! But if asked what do you want to BE, I had no idea! It has taken me 20 years, dabbling in several degrees, brief stints in the media, police training, a little time off the rails, a 10-year career in the energy industry, and a couple of children to find my calling... Cue the Saucy Affairs and my movement into the food industry In October 2015, I made the life-changing decision to leave a ten year career in the energy industry, and turn my focus to my young family and personal well-being.

Once I'd escaped the stress of the 'Commuter Mum' daily cycle, I was able to re-evaluate what I was truly passionate about - great food, cooking, the arts, poetry, but above all a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family.

I was determined to unite these passions in such a way that would somehow make a difference, helping the many other parents and career-driven individuals who face the same pressures that I did.

With a dollop of chef's instinct and a dash of improvisation, I created a range of sauces made from raw ingredients that encapsulate cooking from scratch in a bottle'. In February of 2016, I founded the Dressquerade Company, now known as the The Saucy Affair, and I've been pouring my heart and soul into it ever since.

Do you have a favourite place to work in?

At home, so any spare moment I have can be spent with my babies, particularly during the holidays as it means I can always have lunch with them.

What do you do when you procrastinate?

This is strangely difficult to answer, I’m that ‘sauced’ under at the moment – rather than procrastinating – I find something else to do! If I need to procrastinate – I tend to wait until I’m preparing dinner! Which thanks to the Saucy Affairs is short and sweet!

Do you have a favourite quote?

The past is my lesson, the present is my gift, and the future is my inspiration.

If you had an entirely free day to spend on your own doing something for your own pleasure what would you do?

I’d probably spend an hour at a spa – miss my babies, find them and make sure my phone was out of batteries, and go walking through the woods…

Do you prefer city, country or coast?

I value country life, but I’m party animal and love a night out in the city!

Do you have a favourite book?

No, but I have a favourite song – ROAR! Cheesy but the words mean a lot to me and the babies love it!

Are you a morning person?

Irritatingly so 

Did you have a favourite television programme as a child?

Ready Steady Cook!

What is the one thing you would tell your younger self?

Don’t be scared, love yourself, before you think you love anyone else…

Tea or coffee?


Sweet or savoury?


What is your favourite meal and why?

Sashimi!! Clean, raw, and simple…

What did you want to be when you were younger?

At 10 I wanted to be a professional tennis player, and to win Wimbledon! But then I lost my way and didn’t know what I wanted to be, but knew what I wanted to do, make a difference!

What is your favourite time of the day?

First thing in the morning, and late at night! I don’t really like sleep – I might miss something!

What would your dream job be and why?

I’m doing it! Making sauce that will make life a little easier, tastier, and healthier for other time pressured mums and dads like me.

What one bit of advice would you give to someone just starting out in the business world?

If you are going to start your own business, make sure you are 110% committed to it – you’ll have to work hard before you work smart! Don’t be afraid to ask for help, trust your gut, learn

from your mistakes, and always look for the silver lining at the end of the hardest day!

Tanya Lambert Saucy Affair - a range of delicious raw sauces, perfect for those following a free-from diet! Packed full of nutrients, and still tasty!  




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