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Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Curry


Warmth from the chilli combined with the freshness from the coriander, ginger and lime result in a delicious fusion of flavours in the Thai Green Curry.

Category:  Lunch, Dinner

2 cm Fresh ginger, 1 Garlic clove Peeled, 3 Spring Onions Washed and trimmed, 1 Pack Fresh coriander, 1 tsp Reduced Salt Soy Sauce, 0.5 Red Chilli Seeds removed , 1 Lemon grass Outer layer peeled off and top and tailed, 1 Kefir lime leaf Washed, 1 Lime Juiced, 2 tbsp Olive Oil, 1 tsp Toasted sesame oil, 1 Red onion Peeled and sliced, 1 Pack Sugar snap peas, 1 Portion Roasted chicken, 1 tbsp Candarel granulated, 1 Can Reduced fat coconut milk, 7 fl oz Reduced salt vegetable stock, 1 Romaine lettuce Washed and chopped, 1 Pack Fresh Coriander, 1 Pack Radishes, 1 Red onion Peeled and sliced into rings

Preparation time: 10m
Cook.: 20m
Difficulty: Easy

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