As regular readers will know, there's been lots going on over the past few weeks, and last week we launched our exciting competition to win 2 tickets to the BBC Good Food Festival!!

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It's a wonderful opportunity for anyone who loves food, and let's face it, everyone loves food! 

There'll be yours truly cooking live with a2 Milk, as well as the chance to visit loads of other stands, all offering the latest innovative products, recipes, tasters and more!

It's a chance not to be missed, so make sure you enter in time! 

The reason for this post!

As part of my partnership with a2 Milk, I thought it would be a really good idea to test out their product properly.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, it's NOT suitable for anyone with a dairy allergy, so it's no good for Callum!

But, I suffer with IBS, and have been diagnosed with it for over 15 years. a2 Milk  claims to be easier to digest, and whilst reports certainly indicate this is true, I wanted to see for myself. It's one thing to advocate a product, but if I can prove it has genuinely made me feel better, then surely that's gold stars all round, wouldn't you say?

So, on 1st August I decided to start the 4 week challenge. As I've had to be very careful with Callum's diet, I knew I could easily achieve this.

To get a really true picture, I have decided to cut out all dairy, apart from using a2 Milk, in a bid to ensure I see the full effect. So that's no butter, crisps with milk protein in them etc...! I'm eating a lot of Callum's stuff again, which he is finding highly amusing!

If any of you lovely lot follow me on Instagram, you will see that I've been posting photos of some of the foods I've been making, porridges, bangers and mash etc. This weeks menu hasn't changed from 'normal' in any way!

Have I noticed anything different?

The a2 Milk tastes pretty much identical to 'normal' milk, it's just as creamy, especially if using the full fat version, and equally as stable in hot drinks such as tea/ coffee (it doesn't curdle). 

It is also just as easy to cook with, and I've tested it so far on:

  • Various porridge recipes
  • Mashed potato
  • Cauliflower cheese
  • Lasagne
  • Rice pudding

My thoughts after week 1!

I'm really enjoying the challenge, it tastes the same, acts the same, seems the same.

More importantly, I have noticed a subtle difference in terms of how I feel. I've not had the same level of cramping, and my current flare up seems to be passing far sooner than normal!

As far as I'm concerned, that's a big plus, and I do think the change in milk is the winning factor! I'll know for sure after 2 weeks have passed, so check back next week to see if the improvement continues!