When eczema strikes, it can be really hard to break the itchy, sore skin cycle! Specialist clothing can really help with this!

Does your little one suffer with eczema, or do you? Do you struggle to control it at night? Fear not, we have the solution for you!

Everything for Eczema - super soft clothing for those with eczema! www.intolerantgourmand.com

Just before Christmas, the lovely Gail at Everything for Eczema got in contact after seeing the struggle we were having with keeping Callum comfortable during a bad eczema flare. She wanted to send him a set of her specially designed pyjamas for him to try, and I was so grateful. Callum was too!

We’ve been testing them out over the past few weeks, and they have proven to be a total godsend!

Why are these pyjamas so special?

The pyjamas are made primarily of bamboo because it is easily the best fabric for eczema. It's super soft, hypoallergenic, breathable, and absorbent and way better than cotton for sensitive skin.

Callum certainly agrees with this, as he’s commented many times about how soft the pyjamas are! They have also made a big difference at night time, in allowing his skin to breathe. This is very important for people who suffer with eczema. Sweaty skin blocks the pores, and causes the skin to become aggravated. This then contributes to the eczema cycle with itchy, sore skin.

Gail initially created pyjamas for adults, before then being asked to create pyjamas for younger children, but with flip mittens so the tops didn't have to be taken off at breakfast, or during toilet visits at night. She had been chatting online to another eczema/allergy mum in Australia who designed her own sleeping bags for eczema, Bamboo Bubby. They decided to collaborate and do the PJs together.

Gail told us ‘It's been so lovely working with Kelly and having a business partner in Australia, even though we've never met. We both come from the same starting point - wanting to help children and families get a good night's sleep. The PJs have sold really well worldwide. It really does show me just how widespread eczema is and how many families are struggling with it around the globe’.

Why was Everything for Eczema set up?

Gail set up Everything For Eczema after her youngest daughter Tallulah had severe eczema from six months old. Gail spent weeks online trying find anything to help stop her scratching and help them get a good night's sleep. During this time, she came across lots of little companies that had been set up by parents of children with eczema and allergies who had designed and manufactured their own products simply because there was so little help available. These companies are based worldwide so Gail wanted to bring them all under one roof so there would only be one delivery charge, and to save parents the hours of searching that she had experienced.

Gail then started being contacted by adults who had been suffering from eczema since childhood. There was even less available for them. So, she decided to start by designing a new range of pyjamas for adults called SOOTHE. They are the same design as the ones that Callum's been trying out, just a lot bigger.

They proved to be a HUGE success and sold out really quickly, but fear not because Gail is in the process of getting some more made.

Everything for Eczema - super soft clothing for those with eczema! www.intolerantgourmand.com

What did Callum think?

From the get go, Callum was really excited by these pyjamas. It’s always hard to find comfortable sleepwear that won’t make him too hot. Any pyjamas we do buy, need to be long sleeved and trousers, to prevent him from scratching in his sleep. If any skin is exposed, he scratches it and it’s a totally involuntary process, he’s not even aware he’s doing it.

The pyjamas come in various colours, and sizes, making them suitable for all! Callum specifically chose a blue pair because that just so happens to be his favourite colour.

They are easy to wash, and don’t shrink after washing.

The most important part for me is that the softness remains, and they don’t bubble up – this is crucial for eczema sufferers as this can aggravate the skin and cause the itchy sensation to increase.

What did I think?

I am so impressed with what Gail has achieved and created. Like me, she saw a much-needed solution for a gap in the market and proactively sought to change it. I recommend these pyjamas to anyone who has eczema, particularly with eczema on the moderate to severe side. They really have helped Callum so much. He’s had a number of reactions during the time we’ve been testing them out, and the pyjamas have helped to stop his skin getting really bad.


Gail has very kindly offered one of our readers the chance to win a pair of pyjamas either for themselves or for their child.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to answer this simple question by commenting on this blog post:

QUESTION: What is your top tip when dealing with an eczema flare up?



Good luck!

Everything for Eczema - super soft clothing for those with eczema! www.intolerantgourmand.com

 Everything for Eczema - super soft clothing for those with eczema! www.intolerantgourmand.com