Wowee, what an exciting morning!

We have just found out that Callum has gone through to the grand final of the Holland & Barrett bake off challenge, as a result of his fabulous carrot cake.

img 0413 918x1024

If you would like to make it yourself, here’s the recipe for his carrot cake!

Howard Middleton described Callum as a ‘natural TV chef’ and said that he was totally convinced by Callum’s verdict of ‘very yummy’.

Words cannot describe how incredibly proud of Callum I am!

 img 0415 965x1024 

It’s his work, and overcoming his fear of food that has meant he’s achieved this.

It would mean so much to us if you would consider voting for Callum one final time to give him a chance of winning (!!!) the bake off challenge.

There’s a number of ways you can do this:

Facebook: click here 

Twitter: tweet #VoteCallum to @H&BFreeFrom

You Tube: click here

Voting is only open until 10am on Monday 19th October 2015, so please get voting if you think Callum deserves to win.

Thank you all so much for supporting Callum, it means so much! xx